Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Afternoon

I didn't write this morning, I had to take clothes to an orphanage in Mexico. I received such a blessing, there and at the salon where I get my nails done, hair cut, etc.

I then went around to some of the local hang outs. T. S. Don, was the topic of conversation. Many are saying that God took that red mass on television and divided it, "like Moses parting the red sea" and dismantled it.

Farmers and the pobres (poor folks) were giving thanks to God and said "it was through prayer that we were saved."

I think that in itself, is a testimony to what prayer will do.

I suppose that is all great. I was able to get a good night's rest, able to get the limb cut down, and able to go across to Mexico this morning and deliver clothes.

I was the one who received the blessings - not one - but two. At my salon, they were doing their morning Bible study and devotional as well.

So, Tropical Storm Don, that's the end of you! You are a fizzle. And, the folks in South Texas are grateful!

Friday, July 29, 2011


How quick things can change. Less than two hours ago it was total sunshine. Now, it appears the first of the line of showers is coming through Harlingen. It isn't much to write home about - and since I am trimming tree limbs - the rain feels rather nice.

I laughed thinking how many times I said "these limbs need to be trimmed or cut" just to be talking to the wind and my inner self not listening.

Now that I am under the wire, I have to get things done. That's okay - this will work and all will be well!

Pictures to follow - one of the neighbors from another street took a picture of me on the ladder with the saw - Oh My! Yes, the lady is capable!

Mid Day - Friday

South Texas normally has really heavy winds. Most have to wear baseball caps, or be like Governor Perry and use lots of hair spray when out and about outside. Even those with short hair have issues with the wind.

There air is dead. Absolutely not a breeze blowing. For now, it is partly cloudy. No wind, none, nada, zip - did I tell you that? Well, in case I didn't or you don't get it - there is NO AIR moving! It's like some one or something is inhaling all the air.

I am sure those down here later this afternoon and tonight will know that Don is full of air!

The trip down, from Corpus Christi south - the cotton farmers were hustling trying to get their cotton which is already defoliated in off the ground and covered with big bright yellow tarps. I could see at least 4 per field with constant truck traffic that was hauling the cotton to the gins or places of refuge.

For now, my John Wayne, The Duke Husquavara Chain Saw isn't going to work for the needs of us here. So, I've got to go buy a pole saw. Yes, I believe I can work it - I'd just like a little air! LOL

Yes, the media is running something constant about Don's approach - you'd think this was a Category 5 the way most of these guys are going on and on and on about his arrival.

Don needs to come on in and lets get this rodeo over with. Until he does, it appears it is business as usual around here. No long lines for fuel. No one putting lawn chairs or other things that would fly away - it's just business as usual.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Some folks will say we are storm chasers. I am not. I have friends with homes in South Texas. I am heading down to take care of some tree issues and things which could take off flying should Tropical Storm Don kick up his boots, as we would say in Texas, and decide to get long winded and nasty. There's nothing more ugly than a nasty man, or woman for that matter.

I'll hit the dusty trail very early - and will ride the storm out from there. Making sure that all is well in the end. Folks in the deep south, sometimes have a propensity to check out vacant houses during times like these.

Someone asked, "Aren't you afraid?"

"Uhm no, it'll probably be nothing more than a good ol' East Texas thunderstorm. And, since I've not seen too many of those of late, I might enjoy the rain hitting on a tin roof." I replied.

I've about got things packed. Let's see, computer, air card, quilting stuff, cell phone charger, batteries, flashlight, water, food, oh yes - clothes! And, movies. And - oh never mind - maybe I will have a chance to run across the border before the skies start coming apart or the wind picks up!

Last year I rode out Alex from there - if you were along for that journey - then you will enjoy this one as well - I'll catch you in South Texas tomorrow!