Friday, July 29, 2011

Mid Day - Friday

South Texas normally has really heavy winds. Most have to wear baseball caps, or be like Governor Perry and use lots of hair spray when out and about outside. Even those with short hair have issues with the wind.

There air is dead. Absolutely not a breeze blowing. For now, it is partly cloudy. No wind, none, nada, zip - did I tell you that? Well, in case I didn't or you don't get it - there is NO AIR moving! It's like some one or something is inhaling all the air.

I am sure those down here later this afternoon and tonight will know that Don is full of air!

The trip down, from Corpus Christi south - the cotton farmers were hustling trying to get their cotton which is already defoliated in off the ground and covered with big bright yellow tarps. I could see at least 4 per field with constant truck traffic that was hauling the cotton to the gins or places of refuge.

For now, my John Wayne, The Duke Husquavara Chain Saw isn't going to work for the needs of us here. So, I've got to go buy a pole saw. Yes, I believe I can work it - I'd just like a little air! LOL

Yes, the media is running something constant about Don's approach - you'd think this was a Category 5 the way most of these guys are going on and on and on about his arrival.

Don needs to come on in and lets get this rodeo over with. Until he does, it appears it is business as usual around here. No long lines for fuel. No one putting lawn chairs or other things that would fly away - it's just business as usual.

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