Thursday, July 28, 2011


Some folks will say we are storm chasers. I am not. I have friends with homes in South Texas. I am heading down to take care of some tree issues and things which could take off flying should Tropical Storm Don kick up his boots, as we would say in Texas, and decide to get long winded and nasty. There's nothing more ugly than a nasty man, or woman for that matter.

I'll hit the dusty trail very early - and will ride the storm out from there. Making sure that all is well in the end. Folks in the deep south, sometimes have a propensity to check out vacant houses during times like these.

Someone asked, "Aren't you afraid?"

"Uhm no, it'll probably be nothing more than a good ol' East Texas thunderstorm. And, since I've not seen too many of those of late, I might enjoy the rain hitting on a tin roof." I replied.

I've about got things packed. Let's see, computer, air card, quilting stuff, cell phone charger, batteries, flashlight, water, food, oh yes - clothes! And, movies. And - oh never mind - maybe I will have a chance to run across the border before the skies start coming apart or the wind picks up!

Last year I rode out Alex from there - if you were along for that journey - then you will enjoy this one as well - I'll catch you in South Texas tomorrow!

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